How to Get Healed from Rejection——(2)

Hello all,

It’s my pleasure and God’s blessing to let me serve you in the past year. This site has begun since last July from the zero view daily through a few thousands of views in the whole past year. The viewers have come from about half of the countries of the globe. I understand that there are still plenty of room to grow on this site in many ways. However, I’ve realized that God has His own timing and wonderful plan, we’d better learn to follow His footprints. Just keep on praying and see how the Lord is going to lead us in the future. Thanks again for God’s grace letting us share His Word and Truth here together and giving us the opportunity to experience His supernatural power of healing and transformation. In the second year, from August, I’ll spend more time praying for the folks’ needs instead of writing more articles although I still like to write, thus send me e-mails on Mondays if you need extra praying support on your inner child healing. At this second stage, I wish we all get to know more of the Lord, experience more of His power and learn to love Him more day by day!

If I’m asked a question, “How to get healed by the Lord?”, I’m going to say a motto, “Never give up!” because it says in the Holy Bible, “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'”……Matthew 19:26 And, if I’m asked a question, “What’s the purpose of getting healed by the Lord?”, I’ll answer, “To serve the Lord and people.” for it says in the Holy Bible, “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.”…….2 Corinthians: 1:3-4 Please make sure you fully understand above what God’s Word is telling you, and I believe that ultimately you’ll get healed by the Lord.  

To serve the Lord and people doesn’t necessarily mean a person has to be a pastor, or a missionary,…etc in the world. In other words, it indeed means that a Jesus’ follower (disciple) will do what the Lord has done in the world, and the Lord’s disciple will serve the Lord and people no matter what the occupation of the disciple does in the world.

Have you ever read the book called “Life Without Limits” from Nick Vujicic? If you haven’t yet, I’d like to recommend the book for you today. When Nick was born, he had no arms or legs. In the book, Nick shares how his faith in God has been his central source of strength. Ultimately, Nick overcomes his disability to live an independent, rich, fulfilling life, becoming a model for anyone seeking true happiness. Now he is the internationally successful speaker, and he spreads his central message: the most important goal for anyone is to find their life’s purpose despite whatever difficulties or seemingly impossible odds stand  in their way.

Nick truly believes his life has no limits. He wants you to feel the same way about your life, no matter what your challenges may be. Dear friends, start today to know who the Lord Jesus is and let Him heal your heart and mind, you can get out of your bondage, too.

Last time we’ve talked about the topic of fantasy bond. According to Robert Firestone’s point of view, I’d like to list a few steps about how to break into the fantasy bond.

He said, “There are a number of steps that individual partners can initiate to break into the fantasy bond they have formed with each other. Partners can:”
(1) admit the existence of a fantasy bond. Stop denying that they have become distant and their actions are no longer loving
(2) reveal feelings of anger, hostility, and withholding patterns and admit critical, hostile attitudes toward themselves and their partner
(3) face the psychological pain and sadness involved in attempting to reestablish intimacy
(4) expose their fears of individuation and separation, including the fear of loss or death of their partner as well as their own death
(5) move toward independence and respect for each other and establish true equality. Disrupt reciprocal patterns of dominance, submission, and defiance
(6) develop a non-defensive posture toward feedback and an open and honest style of communication                                                                                                                                    (7) move toward increased interaction with others–extend circle of family and friends to provide better reality testing

Robert Firestone concluded that positive change takes place only when the fantasy bond in the original family is investigated and its reestablishment is challenged in the current relationship. As fantasy bonds were understood and relinquished, the individuals in a relationship manifest new energy, self-possession, and vitality and are able to become loving companions and allies.

In the book “Excuse me…Your Rejection is Showing”, the author specifically addressed the issue of inheritance rejection. Be aware that some issues came from your parents or grandparents, e.g. the evil spirit coming from certain meetings which people attend; rage; violence; doubt; unbelief,….etc. A wounded heart will also open the door for the evil  spirits to oppress you. The evil spirits aren’t able to possess Christians, however, Christians are the primary targets for being oppressed by them.

The Lord Jesus can set people free from the bondage of the demons. It says in the Holy Bible, “When the sun was setting, the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness, and laying His hands on each one, He healed them. Moreover, demons came out of many people, shouting, ‘You are the Son of God!’… ” …….Luck 4:40-41 Jesus also sat the example for His disciples and commanded them to follow Him. It says, “Jesus went up on a mountainside and called to Him those He wanted, and they came to Him. He appointed twelve—-designated them apostles—that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach and to have authority to drive out demons.”…….Mark 3:13-15

A real spiritual healing is usually coming after the release from the oppression. Pray that you are healed from rejection and get true freedom soon.

God bless,

Miriam White

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Hi there! My pen name is Miriam White. I've experienced my inner child transformation through God's love, healing and His Word. Do you know Jesus loves you? He helps me and He can help you, too. I wish this site would offer some guide for you whenever you're seeking God's salvation or His power of healing. Expecting you to experience the amazing transformation very soon !
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2 Responses to How to Get Healed from Rejection——(2)

  1. Kelly says:

    Do you have more specific questions to ask self to reveal the hurt and that promotes healing?

    • Miriam White says:


      Regarding the questions to ask self for revealing the hurt, I would say there were some listed on my different topics of posts. However, in general, people can identify the hurt by how they interact with others. For example, you can ask yourself some questions about your “relationships” with others. “Do you have difficult relationship with your family members?”, ” Do you feel you are isolated from others?”, ” Do you feel lonely and have few friends to encourage you?”, ” Do you feel difficult to trust other people”,…etc.
      I believe awareness and willingness are the first two steps on the healing path. If you are aware of your hurts, and you’re willing to be helped, the Lord Jesus can help you and heal your hurts since He loves you.


      Miriam White

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